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Brett is back at BYU

Brigham Young University is celebrating half a century of fine arts, photography, design, and illustration by honoring select alumni in an exhibition entitled Every Polished Grace. Thinkso partner Brett Traylor contributed the photo above of a Boeing 777 in the paint scheme he designed for United Airlines in 2003, while at Pentagram.


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Brett talks “Give a Brand!” with Daily Vista

Brett Traylor sat down with editor Josh Stone to discuss “Give a Brand!”, highlights from 2012, and Thinkso’s diverse portfolio and goals for growth. We’ve pulled a few interview excerpts for our clients and friends:

On the origins of “Give a Brand!”:
“We grew ‘Give a Brand!’ out of our dedication to doing good and giving back, and as a way to make better use of dollars that would otherwise go toward self-promotion, one-off charity efforts, or client gifts. We turned it into a company-wide, single-day event and pulled in clients and vendors to collaborate.”

On 2012 highlights:
“I would flag the Stanford DoResearch website… It was a huge, comprehensive undertaking, and we did all aspects of naming, design and content strategy. There’s really nothing else out there like it.”

On Thinkso’s diverse portfolio:
“It can be easy to pound away at an industry where work is abundant and we have a lot of experience. But we really make an effort to keep our client mix and portfolio as diverse as we can. “Give a Brand!” helps us do that by pushing the agency into new areas. Expanding our base of clients and industries is always something that we’re consciously trying to do.”

Based in Atlanta, Daily Vista is a daily publisher of newsworthy material and insightful conversations with marketing executives and decision makers.

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Brett Traylor named as a top 50 most influential designer

The results are in: Thinkso partner Brett Traylor was named one of the top 50 most influential graphic designers working today, according to Graphic Design USA’s 50th Anniversary Survey.

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Rise and shout, the cougars are out

As part of their annual trip to New York City, design students from Brigham Young University toured the Thinkso studio and were “treated” to a lecture by alum and Thinkso partner Brett Traylor. Other stops on their week-long trip included Pentagram, Martha Stewart, Graphis, and Studio Case.

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Expert advice for young entrepreneurs

YoungEntrepreneur.com published Brett’s article on the “5 Essentials to Cultivate Business”.

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