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Getting the most from your creative agency

Whether you're working on a new website or a brand overhaul, it's important to give the right kind of direction to your creative agency. Here's how to do it.

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by Kim Mickenberg

Brand name calling

When naming a new product, company, or service, choose wisely. Living in the age of sound bites and social media, it matters more than ever.

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Our 6 favorite InDesign tricks for increased efficiency

It’s easy to forget how many useful shortcuts are available in InDesign. Here are some that our designers use in their work that really improve productivity. (Note: All key commands mentioned below are for InDesign on the Mac. If you’re designing on the PC, use the Control key instead of the Command key and the Alt key instead of the Option key.)

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by Michelle Kurz

Nice swag: 6 tips for creating successful corporate giveaways

Somewhere in the back of your closet, you’ve probably got an assortment of stress balls, tote bags, and pens that you received at an industry conference or in a meeting with a vendor. Do you remember anything about the people, events, or companies associated with this stuff? Probably not. Corporate gifts and conference giveaways are a commonly overlooked opportunity to tell a brand story. That’s why when a client asks us to create a giveaway for them, we don’t just slap a logo on a generic item and call it a day. Instead, we use a custom approach: distill the message that needs to be communicated; find innovative, on-brand items that connect to the message and are within our client’s budget; and design bespoke packaging. We’ve turned some of these best practices into tips to help make your company’s giveaways work as hard as they can for your brand.

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Branding, big tobacco, and the Mormon Church

While the majority of you know what you know about Mormon missionary service from having seen a certain Tony Award-winning Broadway play, I’m here to tell you that the real thing is about half as musical and twice as eventful as what’s portrayed on stage. The time I spent as a missionary was the most exciting, difficult, and enlightening of my life. This is just an interesting side note, really, but it provides an interesting, entertaining commentary on  the value of design and the importance of protecting intellectual property.

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