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Getting the most from your creative agency

Whether you're working on a new website or a brand overhaul, it's important to give the right kind of direction to your creative agency. Here's how to do it.

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by Kim Mickenberg

Good at SEO. Bad at marketing.

We had a client once insist on making the headline of his new web page four sentences long and jammed with keywords. Then he made us repeat that same copy in the very first paragraph of body text, which sat directly below the headline. He had done this on the company’s previous website and believed it directly resulted in his number-one ranking on Google for a particular keyword phrase.

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Breaking barriers: 7 ways CEOs use Twitter to build better brands

People trust people, and this isn’t just a vapid saying. That’s why companies now are warming up to social media engagement, which facilitates humanization and helps brands put a voice, maybe even a face, to the company. A study by Weber Shandwick confirms it: About two-thirds of customers say their perception of a CEO directly impacts their perception of the company. Executives on social media appear more open, accessible, and inspirational than those who don’t. So then why aren’t more strategists getting executives involved?

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SEO tips and trends – MozCon 2014

MozCon  is an annual conference for the search engine optimization (SEO) community organized by Moz, a Seattle-based SEO software company. Thinkso senior project manager Jess Mackta and I attended this year. Here is some of what we took away.

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Designer at large: subway service signs

In our “Designer at Large” series, Thinkso designers address design issues they’ve come across while out and about.

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