Adriana Warner

A keen observer with an eye for detail, Adriana thoughtfully — and empathetically — manages every situation without losing sight of the ultimate goal. As Thinkso’s studio coordinator, she brings this same careful consideration and a collaborative attitude to her management of the office.

Before joining Thinkso, Adriana worked as a membership associate at AIGA, a professional association for graphic designers and other creative professionals. In addition to serving as the point of contact for numerous members and corporate groups, she designed and distributed membership campaign deliverables.

After graduating college, Adriana was awarded the Davies Benevolent Fund, which she used to support a fellowship exhibition entitled “The Other Side of Shade.” She was nominated for the St. Botolph Foundation Emerging Artist Award the following year.

Adriana graduated from the Maine College of Art with a BFA in graphic design. When she’s off the clock, she turns her eagle-eye focus to crafting intricate manicure designs and perfecting her poached egg technique.