Carolyn Grace

Growing up in Philadelphia taught Carolyn many things — most importantly that Jim’s South Street has the best cheesesteaks, and a knowledge of history leads to captivating storytelling. As a writer and strategist at Thinkso, she uses her innate curiosity and attention to detail to help shape clients’ brand identities through creative strategy and editorial.

Prior to joining Thinkso, Carolyn conducted trend research and cultural strategy at Horizon Media. She used her research to create agency-wide presentations, thought leadership, and newsletters covering trends in entertainment, travel, media and technology, health and wellness, and food and beverage. Carolyn received a certificate in invention and intrapreneurship from NYU’s School of Professional Studies after completing UpStartU, Horizon’s professional development program teaching entrepreneurship and business planning.

Carolyn graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in American history and French studies. When she’s not listening to podcasts (or writing her own), Carolyn enjoys singing at a music studio near Thinkso’s office and exploring New York City’s art galleries and museums. Her love of language stems from extensive global travel with multiple singing groups, including eight years touring with the Pennsylvania Girlchoir.