Edith King

Dynamic and personable, Edith has built deep and long-lasting relationships with clients, vendors, and teammates over her 20-year career in operations and marketing project management. With a cool demeanor under pressure, an eye for detail, and a drive to bring ideas and creative concepts to fruition, Edith lives and breathes her personal motto: Let’s make it happen!

As operations manager at Thinkso, Edith ensures everything in our virtual studio is running smoothly and efficiently. Under her purview are all things human resources/recruiting, information technology, and general operations. Her unflappable positivity keeps the Thinksorts engaged and connected, even when working from all corners of the country.

Prior to joining Thinkso, Edith managed various marketing campaigns and phases of creative asset development for companies across multiple industries, from tech, to insurance, to consumer goods. She worked for multinational businesses, including Hearst Magazine, Cafe Media, and United Business Media (Informa Markets). At Hearst, her portfolio included the management of a large, intricate program for a luxury advertiser, which involved one-on-one interviews with the editors in chief of Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, and other magazines.

Born and raised in NYC, Edith realized her dream of leaving the hustle and bustle (and snow!) of the northeast for the chill, coastal vibe of Wilmington, North Carolina, where she currently lives with her daughter and polydactyl cat, Marley. When she’s not making things happen at Thinkso, she can be found swimming in the ocean, listening to old-school hip hop, and adding to her collection of heart-shaped objects.