Lauren Smith

Obsessed with the Internet and creating content for it, Lauren brings unflinching dedication and determination to her dual role at Thinkso. She understands that the big idea can often be found in the trivial, and so she revels in the details to conjure up meaningful strategy and editorial for Thinkso’s clients — which have included BNY Mellon, J.P. Morgan, Instinet, and others.

Music-obsessed and an amateur singer-songwriter, Lauren’s gravitation toward rhythm and flow allows her to compose dynamic copy that’s equal parts technical and inspired. Prior to joining Thinkso, Lauren ran the marketing and communications department at HTO, a boutique architectural firm in Manhattan. An instinctive writer, her know-how runs the creative gamut, with experience in strategy, social media, and design.

Lauren holds a BS in communications with a concentration in media and entertainment studies from Cornell University. Due to a childhood spent in both California and New York, Lauren has developed a serious internal conflict when it comes to the Tupac vs. Biggie debate. Please don’t make her choose.