Nicole Fortuna

Nicole doesn’t have to worry about being interesting. Her vocation as a writer takes care of that by putting her in touch with fascinating people, impactful organizations, and great ideas others should know about.

As a senior writer and strategist at Thinkso, Nicole believes that good storytelling starts with a meaningful interview. It should lend itself to fluid conversation, valuable insights, and even a seemingly negligible anecdote. (The latter can make all the difference; that same anecdote can translate into a story’s introduction, stand alone as a unique testimonial, or be the basis of an unforgettable sentence the reader thinks about long after they’ve engaged with the piece.) What unfolds next is Nicole’s self-reflexive approach to writing, which is complemented by a robust — and at times, ruthless — set of revisions to ensure the language within the story never buries meaning, and the content’s structure thoughtfully fosters an enjoyable reader experience.

Before becoming a Thinksort, Nicole worked at NBME in medical education publishing. There, she developed clinical content for health care examinations and supported the organization’s brand strategy and messaging as manager of communications. Nicole has also worked as a professional writing tutor at Holy Family University. She views her tutoring interactions with graduate students as a helpful model for working with Thinkso clients: pairing the goals of a subject-matter expert with the know-how of a writing consultant to produce salient copy that ultimately resonates with the intended audience.

Nicole’s formal education includes an MLA degree with a concentration in cultural studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to that, she graduated with a BA in English from West Chester University’s Honors College. Her informal (yet equally important) education reflects a collection of sources, which may or may not include watching true crime documentaries, performing rabbit-hole-esque Google searches for synonyms, and practicing her imperfect Italian.

When Nicole is not writing or waking up in the middle of the night to write, she gets to live her own story in her hometown of Philadelphia with her husband and their ginger cat, Arthur.