Opal Ostreoidea

Unmatched in her wanderlust and team spirit, Opal Ostreoidea is Thinkso’s 2022 – 2023 mascot.

As Thinkso’s biggest advocate of its virtual culture, Opal merrily travels to (and crashes at) the homes of her fellow Thinksorts across the country, often for undetermined periods of time. She goes on their family vacations, tries new foods (er…em, except seafood), takes in the sights, and writes to her colleagues back at the agency who are in awe of her sense of adventure and abundance of free time. If Opal had to choose one Thinkso value to live by every day, it would be “enjoy the ride.” She delights in her own epicurean lifestyle but encourages her fellow Thinksorts to come out of their own shells and have as much fun, if not more, than she does.

Before becoming Thinkso’s mascot, Opal was an event planner in a Pacific Northwest oyster reef. Having grown up amidst tough tides and even tougher mollusks, she prides herself on her grit and authenticity. So, after realizing it was time to pursue her dream of traveling the world, Opal reactivated her LinkedIn profile and immediately applied to Thinkso. With a BA in both theatre arts and hospitality from Lewis & Clark College, she believes her work and travel at Thinkso are truly the role of a lifetime.

In August 2023, Opal will retire. She looks forward to returning to the North Puget Sound to be with her family and close bed of friends, making them laugh, and sharing her pearls of wisdom.

Each summer, Thinkso’s intern creates a new mascot for the agency. Opal was conceptualized, designed, and fabricated by Juan Gutierrez, Thinkso’s summer 2022 design intern.