Vanessa Arnone

Palpable fearlessness and honed expertise are the driving forces behind Vanessa’s ability to command intricate projects and develop influential digital strategies. As a senior project manager at Thinkso, she implements her philosophy — no great work is done in a silo — by immersing herself in a given project or organization, imparting her penchant for order and structure on everything she touches.

Hyper-analytical yet keenly imaginative, Vanessa has deep experience in strategy and project management for the digital world. Prior to joining Thinkso, she was an account supervisor at Path Interactive, where she oversaw the planning, implementation, and execution of cross-channel marketing strategies, including pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization programs. Before that, Vanessa created and ran the digital communications department for Grammy-award winning artist Alicia Keys. In this seven-year role, her work attracted a global audience of 75 million and significant press coverage.

Vanessa’s career also includes a decade at Classica International, a global importer/exporter of high-end kitchenware. There she combined her Spanish fluency, financial know-how, and marketing prowess to launch recruiting- and purchase-driving tools tailored to Spanish-speaking cultures and rapidly build brand visibility. Vanessa holds a BA in psychology with a minor in business from Hofstra University, as well as an array of digital media course certifications from New York University. Few things in life delight her more than savoring time with her vibrant (i.e., crazy and loud), tight-knit family, or dining at new hot spots.