A new category of food container heats up the competition

Décor, a leading Australian housewares company, engaged Thinkso to name and brand a premium, microwave-optimized food container for the US market.The typical American household is awash in plastic takeout containers, with most assuming they all perform equally well in the microwave. To correct that misconception, we worked with our client on how to effectively position the new, high-end container. “Délish,” as we named it, marries clear language with clean design to express the full range of consumer benefits — and we did it all in time for its successful debut at the Chicago trade fair.

“Délish received a fantastic response at both the Chicago and Frankfurt trade fairs. US retailers understood the range immediately and requested that it be placed in their food storage aisle, which was a major win. ” Ashleigh Higgins, Marketing Manager, Décor

The packaging concept highlights an array of features that helps the product stand out at retail. To demonstrate the crystal clarity of the Tritan plastic lid, we anchored a full color image of hot food to the bottom inside of the container and then applied a decal to the lid exterior. This provides an intriguing sense of depth when viewed from the top, and gives context to the single forkful of hot, delicious food that appears on the side label. The phrase, “Our premium, end-to-end food storage solution,” captures the product’s versatility and defines it as top-of-the-line.

The forkful of steaming food emphasizes that the container is engineered for reheating and emerged as a core element of the packaging design. Other important product features—like the stay-cool handles, the easy-open venting lid, and the durable plastic—are clearly presented on the front and back of the container along with custom-drawn icons.