Reappraising Ripco’s marketing properties

Property management and leasing experts, Ripco Real Estate, was growing — from a local practice on Long Island to a more serious player in the Tri-State. As such, they needed to polish their image but without losing its unique character and down-to-earth persona. Balancing professional with accessible, we took their homespun mascot — a dog — and transformed it into a more reliable, dignified icon with purpose. We developed an editorial voice infused with the attributes of a friendly, loyal canine and then put it to work across a range of new design applications including a new website, corporate stationery, leasing collateral, property signage, and advertising.

The Ripco red logotype and symbol; a hunting dog in a pointer pose.
A large red window poster advertising available space with the Ripco logo and hunting-dog-in-a-pointer-pose symbol.

Ripco’s core business has to do with either finding the right property for a tenant, or finding the right tenant for a property. We gave meaning to their mascot (a.k.a. the “Ripper”) by recasting him as a hunting dog—one whose senses are honed to track and find exactly what he’s been tasked to locate. Ripco’s iconic red property signs behave like beacons to passers-by—with the Ripper always pointing the way.

The Ripco web homepage with a map background of the New York tri-state area, list of services, and highlighted properties.
A search results page on the Ripco website with map pins and property description for 561 7th Avenue and 24 Broome Street.

The principal reason for visiting the Ripco website is to search listings for commercial space. So, we made the search feature extra robust and built the site around that experience. Of course, the site still needed to tell its story succinctly and in the right voice, so we wrote it, helped the firm establish its first-ever social media strategy, and made sure that it functioned responsively on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

A Ripco brochure introducing the property at 181 Avenue A in New York City with an artist's rendering of the building.
The distinctive red cover of a Ripco presentation book with the brand logo and symbol and a photo of a high rise building.
Several red Ripco binders and notebooks featuring the hunting-dog-in-a-pointer-pose brand symbol.
The front and back of a Ripco business card, featuring the hunting-dog-in-a-pointer-pose brand symbol.
Cover and page from a round Ripco note card, with an handwritten note the hunting-dog-in-a-pointer-pose brand symbol.

Thinkso developed a wide range of Ripco marketing collateral—including a system of custom presentation formats that allow the Ripco brand to take center stage, or to defer to a client or development brand, depending on the need.

A red, full page Ripco trade magazine ad with the hunting-dog-in-a-pointer-pose brand symbol and the headline, best in show.

Over the years, Thinkso has continued to help Ripco with special projects, such as advertising and other promotions. This ad ran during RECon, the global real estate convention that takes place annually in Las Vegas.