If using your brain makes you happy, join the club.

Senior Writer / Strategist

Do you consider yourself as much a marketer as a writer? Is structuring complex content into bite-size chunks a secret hobby of yours? If so, maybe you should join our team.

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A close up of words in handwritten script on a whiteboard.

Senior Digital Designer

Are you a sophisticated web designer with years of hands-on experience? Do you want to help lead the digital strategy for a growing NYC design firm? If so, let’s talk.

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A view from above of a Thinsko designer at at desk using a stylus and drawing tablet.

Senior Digital Strategist

Do you eat, sleep, and breathe online marketing? Do you enjoy a variety of projects and clients? If so, think about joining Thinkso’s senior team.

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A close up three quarter rear profile of a Thinkso staff member looking over data and charts on a laptop.

Senior Project Manager

Are you obsessed with organization and productivity? Do you have experience running large creative projects and teams? Then it’s time to join Thinkso’s project management team.

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A close up of design materials on a work surface in the foreground with a blurred figure in the background.

Senior Designer

Are you a sophisticated, hands-on designer dedicated to coming up with “the big idea” without losing sight of the details? Do you like designing in across media and can hold your own as part of senior creative team? If so, let’s talk.

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A view from above of a Thinsko designer at at desk using a stylus and drawing tablet.

Financial Writer

Do you straddle the world between eloquent prose and algorithmic trading? Can you speak with a portfolio manager in his lingo and then translate it into plain-English marketing copy? If so, consider a senior position at Thinkso.

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An extreme close up of the tips of a pile of yellow sharpened pencils.

Project Coordinator

Are you naturally organized and efficient? Are you eager to learn best practices in project management? Then let’s talk about taking your career to the next level with Thinkso.

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A stack of ring bound folders and other paper materials in a metal mesh desktop organizer.


Are you a designer who likes variety? Are you interested in honing your skills across print, digital, and environmental media? All while working with super cool people? Then let’s talk.

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View from above of hands on a laptop keyboard with hand drawn sketches of designs in a notebook next to it.

Design Intern

Think you’ve got what it takes to make it at a creative agency in NYC? If so, we like your attitude! Give us a shout.

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A small beige dog wearing a blue collar with its front paws on a desktop; two figures work at desks in the background.

Marketing & Social Media Intern

Wonder if you’re a natural-born marketer? Suspect that social media is more than a personal passion? An internship at Thinkso could help you find out for sure.

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A husky breed dog at rests on the floor under a metal bookshelf with storage boxes and books above.

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