An ear for language. An eye for
beauty. And a really good plan.

Meet your team. Unlike many agencies, we staff each project with senior talent and believe in consistency for client accounts. That’s so our designers, writers, strategists, and project managers can really dig deep into clients’ businesses and feel a stronger, more personal connection to their projects. In our experience, this skin in the game leads to better work.

Elizabeth Amorose

Senior Partner

Brett Traylor

Senior Partner

Shelley Batuyong

Design Director

Jay Sherman-Godfrey

Financial Editorial Director

Naomi Geller

Senior Project Manager


Senior Strategist

Chris Riely

Senior Designer

Olivia Miller

Digital Designer

Brianna Sykes

Senior Project Manager

Brian Santoro

Senior Designer

Alexa Ouaknine


Amie Ruhé

Project Manager

Liz Borchert


Lauren Harrison

Project Manager

Amy Nielsen


Mari Lazar

Director of Operations

Brian Tri


Ayo Moon

Director of Finance

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