Alberto Cristancho

Alberto is something rare in the digital engineering world: a seasoned veteran who not only brings a wealth of experience to his work, but also a mastery and passion for the most up-to-date technology. He is a polyglot programmer with expertise in JavaScript, Typescript, PHP, BAsh/Zsh, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, XML, JSON, YAML, SQL, MongoDB, and Git, and is currently teaching himself Python.

As lead web developer at Thinkso, Alberto is part of our multidisciplinary team that builds websites from concept through launch and beyond. His ability to translate development jargon into relatable analogies and clear narratives sets him apart from many other developers, and helps both his colleagues and clients understand not just the what and how of his solutions, but also the why.

Prior to joining Thinkso, Alberto held senior positions at New York agencies VSA Partners and Slover and Company. In his long career, he has worked on projects for many well known brands, including IBM, Allstate, Douglas Elliman, Xerox, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Alberto graduated from Andrews University with a degree in biophysics. There is no place he’d rather be than “deep in the code,” but he understands the value to his work (and life) of getting away from the screen from time to time. To relax and recharge, he enjoys cooking, reading, going to museums, and walking his dog, Emerson (a Maltipoo who is more Poodle than Maltese) around his Harlem neighborhood.