Olive Miller

All it took was one coding class in fifth grade for Olive to get hooked on website design. After learning to build webpages using Netscape Navigator, she was so enthralled with perfecting her site that she spent the rest of middle school working on it. Soon realizing that Netscape wasn’t enough, she taught herself HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript as well.

At Thinkso, Olive puts her design and coding know-how to work creating beautiful and considered digital experiences for clients, such as U.S. equities exchange MEMX and environmental law firm Marten Law. She leverages her programming knowledge and enthusiasm for finding clarity in complex systems to ensure that her designs are always sensitive to the user’s experience, and takes pride in her ability to teach herself new skills — such as building a website on Shopify — in order to meet clients’ needs.

Prior to Thinkso, Olive was a web designer at a real estate technology firm where she developed digital marketing strategies and built websites for a number of companies. She has also worked at a community development corporation where she oversaw visual communications projects from ideation to production.

Olive graduated from the Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University with a BFA in visual communication design. After a stint in NYC, she returned to her home state and now lives in the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis. When not focused on the digital world, she can be found performing Bollywood dances at a local venue or tending to her mushroom garden.

What’s with the binoculars?

Whether I am observing nature or considering the elements of a design situation, I always take a close, long, and evaluative look at what’s in view (or beyond it) before making creative decisions.”