Emily Smith

Confident and focused, Emily feels a great sense of accomplishment seeing projects through from ideation to implementation. Her knack for setting goals and solving problems in a creative and timely manner fuels her role as a senior project manager.

At Thinkso, Emily applies her energy to managing a wide array of marketing and content projects, including websites, branded events, advertising campaigns, brand identities, social media, and sales and communications materials. She is responsible for a number of ongoing client relationships, including MEMX, RPB, ISG, and Heroes Linked. Her clear, upbeat communication style, attention to detail, and ability to keep things moving is greatly valued by everyone she works with — clients and colleagues alike.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Emily graduated from UNC’s Hussman School with a BA in media and journalism. After Thinkso’s transition to remote work, Emily packed up her Manhattan apartment and hit the road. She’s been traveling full time ever since, exploring new cultures and seeking adventures that fuel her creative spirit professionally and personally.

What’s with the sailboat?

My experiences on racing teams and as a sailing instructor lend themselves to the role of project manager — communicating quickly with the team, adjusting for obstacles in our path, and always keeping an eye on the horizon for what’s to come.”