Kate Lee

Kate Lee enters every situation with a continuous improvement mindset, putting in place solutions that recipients didn’t even realize they needed. That, combined with her diverse interests and eclectic talents, make her an invaluable operational resource for a creative agency and its clients.

As Thinkso’s operations manager, Kate delights in understanding what makes people and processes tick and how she can help them function at their best. Extremely tech fluent, she oversees Thinkso’s IT and uses her digital knowledge to streamline and nurture every aspect of the agency’s workflow, culture, HR, security, and client services.

Before joining Thinkso, Kate was the operations director at Temple Israel of Greenfield (TIG). There, her notable accomplishments included producing high-quality member services, rolling out a livestreaming system, and creating a broadcasting program for teens. As a founder of Whitehaus Family Record (WFR) — an erstwhile music collective/record label based in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood — she’s hosted hundreds of concerts and produced dozens of albums. She also built massmoths.org, a browsable website housing 20 years of observation data of moths in Massachusetts.

Considering Kate’s fascination with technology and her creative core, it is no surprise that she earned her BA from Hampshire College, where she focused on neuroscience, AI, and physics. She spends her offline time in nature with her partner and two kids observing plants and insects, playing live music with her friends, and baking bread. Kate lives in Western Massachusetts with her family and their cat, Thursday.

What’s with the puzzle piece?

Once I start a puzzle, it’s hard to pull me away. That same resolve and curiosity underscore my work as Thinkso’s operations manager, where I immerse myself in puzzles that ultimately connect people to solutions.”