Paulina Greenland

Identifying a design need, exploring it extensively, and developing visually pleasing and conceptually sound creative solutions provide Paulina with significant satisfaction in her work as a designer.

At Thinkso, Paulina draws much of her inspiration for design from the fine art world, as she has found that both disciplines are fortified by color theory, composition, and form. Her openness to this inspiration combined with thoughtful listening enables her to fully appreciate the client’s vision, conceptualize the big picture of the design ask, and bring to life the more intricate details of the project.

After graduating with a BS in graphic design and a minor in marketing from the Pennsylvania College of Technology, Paulina was a designer for a local meal delivery service. In that role, she worked directly with a client to deliver branded content. In addition, Paulina interned at The Gallery at Penn College, where she was able to nurture her artistic sensibilities by researching artists and designing marketing collateral for the Gallery’s efforts.

Creating is also a large part of Paulina’s pastimes. Growing up, Paulina wanted to be an artist, and today, she still finds herself trying her hand at new mediums, learning about different techniques and artists, and exposing herself to as much creativity as possible. This curiosity extends into her kitchen with cooking, where she experiments with new ingredients and further cultivates her culinary skills. All of this creativity takes place at Paulina’s home in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, which is also home to the Little League World Series.

What’s with the Teva sandal?

Wearing my versatile Tevas helps me confidently step into any scenario or adventure that crosses my path. I bring that same curious energy and heartfelt imagination to every design challenge that crosses my desk.”