Zufan Mitiku

For Zufan, it’s all about paying attention to the details, but not getting lost in them. She leans on process, structure, and her experience in technical troubleshooting to streamline workflow and keep things feeling simple and clear for the client — even for complex projects.

As a project coordinator at Thinkso, Zufan provides support for a spectrum of client accounts, from Morgan Stanley to social sector recruiter On-Ramps. She also serves on our Core Values Committee and manages our social media.

After earning a BA in sociology with a minor in informatics from the University of Washington, Zufan put her attentiveness to work in the tech field, first as a retail specialist at Apple and then as a program manager at Amazon. There she problem-solved supply chain issues and helped launch a platform to improve communications among internal stakeholders and clients. That focus on optimizing customer experience serves her well in her project management career, where she enjoys having a hand in shepherding a client’s vision into reality.

While she’s very picky about the ins and outs of complex project plans, Zufan is not a picky eater. She enjoys dining out in her hometown of Seattle with a spirit of trying anything at least once.

What’s with the Lego piece?

“Organizing thoughts, ideas, and information has always been calming for me. And putting all the pieces together — even if they don’t seem to fit at first — is a big part of doing the job well.”