Project Spotlight: Kate Tempesta's Urban Golf Academy

Kate Tempesta Urban Golf Academy WebsiteThinkso created a brand identity and new website for Kate Tempesta’s Urban Golf Academy, an innovative program that combines creative movement techniques and traditional golf to teach children as young as age 4.

Competition among extracurricular programs for kids is fierce. Good thing Kate and Mari knew they needed a compelling brand to make their innovative golf program a winner.

The clean aesthetic and the clear language employed to describe the classes goes a long way to assuring parents, teachers and golf pros of the academy’s competencies. To capture the kids’ attention, we created Birdie, KTUGA’s mascot. She is used on every brand touch point with which the children come in contact, from water bottles to coloring pages.

They can even send Birdie an email from the homepage of

The new website stands out from other programs’ sites, which are difficult to navigate and understand. We helped the owners organize and develop content around their diverse class structures to clearly communicate their unique methodology and offering.

Kate Tempesta Urban Golf Academy Coloring Pages

Kids really connect with Birdie. We created these coloring pages to keep kids engaged while waiting for their turn.

Kate Tempesta Urban Golf Academy Marketing Collateral

Consistency and quality in implementing the brand positions KTUGA as a premier program deserving of parents’ and teachers attention and funds.

Kate Tempesta Urban Golf Academy T-Shirt

With the logo on the back and Birdie’s facial features on the front, this t-shirt promotes the brand, and the kids never want to take it off!