Starting a new dialogue with Jewish girls

Ma’yan provides feminist, social justice, and leadership training to teen girls, and teaches vital skills to parents and educators. But this small nonprofit was not always what it is today. When founded in 1993, the organization had a much broader approach to addressing women’s issues in the Jewish community and was heavily focused on ritual and community building. In 2006, propelled by the younger voices of its new staff, Ma’yan reinvented itself — and it charged with Thinkso with bringing its new mission, voice, and personality to life.

We developed a more vibrant identity that both attracted teen girls and more authentically represented the spirit of the organization. The new tagline, “Listen for a change,” emphasizes the dialogue between teens, parents, and the culture at large. We also designed an extensive template system so that Ma’yan could quickly and easily produce invitations, flyers, workshop materials, and research reports in-house while still maintaining brand consistency. And we created a website for them that organizes their diverse offering and features a resource library and blog.

The front of Ma'yan business card on top of colorful orange and purple paper informational materials.
Several Ma'yan promotional posters in a wall; one in the center reads, Today, I am a woman.
A programs and events page for the Ma'yan website, with white type on a bright magenta background that reads, Working group: Educators in privileged communities.
A close up a person carrying a Ma'yan brochure with the title, Pretty soon we'll be taking over.