Authentically branded: a motivational speaker’s next chapter

The name Christine D'Ercole transforms into an enlarged speech bubble with the words, “I am I can I will I do” in blue, capitalized letters.

Thinkso created a new signature graphic for Christine—a speech bubble anchored with a sideways “D” (from the D in her logotype)—reminiscent of a mouth speaking. It houses her trademarked mantra, “I AM I CAN I WILL I DO,” as well as her other quotations and images.

Screenshots of a website homepage with various images of Christine D’Ercole and colorful text.

We focused the homepage of her website on Christine’s Wordshop offering, the growth area of her brand. The homepage functions as an inviting space where visitors can immediately glean her story, feel her personal brand, and effortlessly discern her voice.

Screenshots that show the content of “What is Wordshop?” website page.

Additionally, we expanded the Wordshop section of the site so that it provides service details, testimonials, and booking information.

A collection of screenshots from a website showcasing items for sale including jewelry, apparel, stationery, and accessories.

Leveraging storyteller-themed language, “Own the Narrative” is the Shopify-powered merchandise page of Christine’s website. Visitors can easily browse the thematically categorized products and share their purchases on social media.

An image including a speech bubble.
In image in the shape of a speech bubble with a photograph of jewelry

To ensure her new brand identity was reflected consistently in her daily engagements with social media audiences, we created a series of templates that Christine can easily customize and seamlessly use across channels.