Branding the new American dream

View from above as a jogger runs on a road past a Next Chapter branded manhole cover.

The Next Chapter Neighborhoods logo establishes a stand-alone identity for the development company. A simplified “badge” variation is featured within the neighborhood identity as an optional element.

Neighborhood names are inspired by local geographic points of interest and are typeset in a custom-designed font inspired by vintage painted signs. Each neighborhood identity is treated in a signature color and features photography of its development.

Web homepage for Sweetwater Commons, "A new kind of rental home for your American Dream." with images of homes and brochures.

Distinctly treated brand imagery and quick-witted messaging underscore the value, benefit, and community of the neighborhood focus. Full-color photography of the homes and property amenities provide a true representation of what is being offered.

Brochure cover for Sweetwater Commons, with the title "Come home to a life you love."
Pages from the Sweetwater Commons brochure, with the headline text, "Welcome to Sweetward Commons."
Pages from the Sweetwater Commons brochure showing Next Chapter neighbors in front of their homes.
Pages from the Sweetwater Commons brochure showing the floor plan for one of the Next Chapter neighborhood cottages.

We developed print and digital versions of a leasing brochure that provides prospective tenants with an overview of the Next Chapter Neighborhoods concept and highlights of the unique features at Sweetwater Commons. Additionally, the brochure includes cottage floor plans, maps and information about the local area, and instructions for submitting a leasing application.

A Sweetwater Commons magazine ad with the headline, "Some renters make peace with their neighbors. Ours make memories."

Image advertisements were designed to run in local newspapers and magazines before property construction was finished. They introduce the novel Next Chapter concept as well as create buzz around the specific development in the area.

A Sweetwater Commons branded t-shirt printed with phrase "Love thy neighborhood."
A Sweetwater Commons branded tote bag printed with phrase "The good life is in the bag."

Cleverly branded giveaways were created as promotional items and tenant welcome gifts.