Fighting climate change one pig at a time

Singing Pastures is a network of small family farms on a mission to sustainably and humanely raise the tastiest, healthiest pork on the market — using regenerative agriculture, farming methods that help reduce global warming. That’s a complex story to communicate. And in the crowded health food marketplace, they struggled to stand out. Enter Thinkso. We renamed and repositioned the company to lead with their environmental message, including a new tagline: “Pork for the Planet.” A new brand identity, website, product packaging, and marketing collateral rounded out our deliverables and set Singing Pastures up for success in business — and in helping consumers work toward a more sustainable world.

A close up of a person wearing a Singing Pastures "pork the planet" t-shirt and carrying stalks of freshly picked garlic.
“Thinkso did a fabulous job of listening to our problems and distilling our message. The branding isn’t just a new look; it is a whole new way of presenting ourselves to the world.” Holly Arbuckle, Co-founder, Singing Pastures
A large Singing Pastures logotype painted on a red barn wall with an illustration of a bird perched on a flowered vine.
Close up the the Singing Pastures' logotype on a weathervane atop a barn.
The Singing Pastures logotype in white on a brown background accompanied by the phrase "Pork for the planet."

Thinkso developed a suite of logo treatments to suit a range of formats. The hand-cut, Americana-style look and feel positions Singing Pastures as a wholesome, artisanal brand, setting them apart from down-market meat and jerky competitors and Paleo-centric products. It also helps them appeal to a broader audience, including parents looking for healthy snacks for their kids.

Three boxes of Singing Pastures Roam Sticks snacks arranged on a table. One is open showing individual Roam Stick packages
A red wine flavored Singing Pastures Roam Stick package next to a sliced sausage and small dish of olives.
Close up a a Singing Pastures "Premium Pork" sticker affixed to a package of uncured, hickory smoked bacon.

Their product line comprises snack sticks, artisanal salami, and fresh pork. We developed packaging in a range of flavors for the sticks and salami, highlighting the fact that the pigs are pasture-raised and grass-fed—a method almost unheard of in pork farming. For the wholesale pork, which is sold to farm-to-table restaurants, butcher shops, and health food brands, we designed a simple “Premium Pork” label.

The Singing Pastures Web homepage with the headline "Pork for the planet" and information about the company and its products

We created an ecommerce website to tell Singing Pastures’ unique story, educate consumers about the benefits of regenerative farming, and present the delicious (and beautifully packaged) product offering.

Three Singing Pastures Roam Stick packages arranged as if logs in a campire with a playful animated flame in the background.
A silhoetted hiker figure on a round trail marker sign. His walking stick transforms into a Singing Pastures Roam Stick.
Yellow Singing Pastures roam sticks animate around a yellow circle to form the shape of a shining sun.
An line drawn globe turns into the image of pig on grass with the phrase "Fighting climate change one pig at a time" below.
The shape of a battery with the words "Power up" superimposed. Indivdual snack packages stack up as if to charge the battery
Yellow Singing Pastures labels move aross the frame, like lines on a roadway. The words "A natural choice for road trips" fade in.

To connect with a broader consumer audience, we developed a robust social media strategy and creative campaign. The memes, GIFs, and images showcase the company’s unique, environmentally-friendly farming techniques and offer consumers ideas for enjoying the shelf-stable Roam Sticks in different ways.

An illustrated infographic comparing of Singing Pastures regenerative farming methods  to traditional farming methods.

While traditional farming depletes the soil and releases more carbon into the atmosphere, regenerative farming can reverse global warming by producing healthy plants that pull carbon out of the atmosphere—and create a more nutritious diet for the pigs. We wrote and designed an infographic that illustrates the process so that Singing Pastures could educate consumers and the general public.