In the market for a new lease in the bronx

Acclaimed Real Estate developer, Related Companies, engaged Thinkso to create a flexible leasing package for Bronx Terminal Market — a 17 acre, one million square foot shopping center in the Bronx. The popular shopping destination had started to see some turnover and the leasing manager needed a way to court new tenants as space became available. Thinkso developed a system of pre-printed materials to tell the broader story, and combined them with variable elements that could be printed and bound on demand to customize the pitch. A custom photo shoot and retooled visual identity rounded out the centers’ new leasing materials.

Simple refinements were made to the visual identity, including re-typesetting the logo in both linear and stacked configurations and establishing a consistent color palette.

The cover of the leasing brochure leads with the new branding, allows for a dramatic full-color photograph, and provides an executive overview of the property to give a sense of the place at a glance.

Maps and site plans were uniquely styled for Bronx Terminal Market, employing the established color and typography palettes.

The oversize 11” x 17” format affords the opportunity to customize maps and floor plans and view imagery at a large scale. These variable data pages are edited and printed in-house by the client as their need dictates. The smaller sheets capture the overall narrative of Bronx Terminal Market, and are pre-printed on a lighter, textured stock. The entire package is then bound, in-house, by the leasing manager.

Floor plans are keyed to the unique, multi-level configuration of the property to help the user understand the specifics of the space offered for lease.

Thinkso organized and art-directed a custom photoshoot in order to express the unique spirit of the property and its surrounding community.