Just what the doctor ordered

A leading expert in environmental medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Morrison offered a loose collection of products under various names. He came to Thinkso when he was looking to expand and formalize these products to complement his successful Manhattan medical practice. We rebranded the entire operation as “Dr. Morrison,” using his name to build brand equity and recognition — not unlike his famous mentor, Robert Atkins. We then provided him with brand and messaging tools to take his business to the next level, coordinating a clean and clinical yet warm and welcoming aesthetic with smart editorial content across premium supplement packaging, product promotion, and program literature.

Both sides of a Dr. Morrison business card with the company logotype against blurred image of broccoli florets.
“Discipline, consistency, and quality ingredients are critical to a health and wellness practice. Thinkso helped us understand how these same elements were just as important for maintaining a highly functional brand.” Shanel Sinclair, Former Director of Sales & Marketing, Dr. Morrison
An opened Dr. Morrison Daily Benefit protein packaging box with images of green apples on the lid and flaps.
Dr. Morrison Tea Energy and Vitamin D3 and K2 packages and two individual capsules.

Along with a new logotype, we introduced simple color and typographic palettes. Tight crops of colorful fruit and vegetable photography add warmth to an otherwise clinical look and feel.

A Dr. Morrison Daily Benefit Program Guide booklet and Grocery Guide and Symptom Survey sheets.
The table of contents page for the Dr. Morrison Daily Benefit Program Guide with an image of a jumble of yellow pears.
The weekly menu pages from the Dr. Morrison Daily Benefit Program Guide with boxed sections for each day's schedule.
The weekly shopping guide and recipe cover pages from the Dr. Morrison Daily Benefit Program Guide.

We wrote and designed a suite of literature, surveys, and guides to provide support and diagnostic tools to program participants. The centerpiece is the Daily Benefit Program Guide, which gives an overview of Dr. Morrison’s signature detox diet and provides menus, recipes, and shopping guides.