Full-service branding is our stock in trade

Ad on a train platform with the headline "Good things come to those who innovate"; image of hand writing on a whiteboard.
Magazine ad with the headline "No tricks, just trade" over a photo collage.
Magazine ad with the headline "Please, see right through us" over a photo collage.

We wrote and designed a series of striking image ads that highlight KCG’s differentiating factors. These ads ran in print, outdoor, and digital venues.

Cover and multiple illustrated pages of a KCG capabilities brochure entitled "Nuance is Everything" laid out on a table.

We developed different but related looks for the various business groups within the firm’s brand architecture.

For Trading Services, we created a dynamic motion graphics video and eschewed the typical capabilities brochure content in favor of a marketing piece that crossed over into thought leadership. These demonstrated KCG’s trading prowess, rather than just talking about it.

KCG brochure cover with headline "Clarity drives efficiency" and a person at a computer workstation talking on the phone.
KCG brochure cover with headline "Change creates opportunity" over a blue field with a black dot pattern.
Three KCG electronic trading product sales sheets with text and charts laid out on a work surface.

In addition to the higher-profile videos and brochures, we wrote and designed KCG’s day-to-day sales materials.

Short video animation excerpt of the 2015 KCG digital annual report.
Smartphone screen shot showing the features of the "Are You KCG?" recruiting app.
Smartphone screen shot showing the features of the "Are You KCG?" recruiting app.
Smartphone screen shot showing the features of the "Are You KCG?" recruiting app.

During our four years as KCG’s agency of record, much of our work was delivered in digital form. In addition to several videos, we created interactive annual reports—like this sample from 2015 that took home an FCS Portfolio Awards gold medal. Likewise, in support of KCG’s recruiting efforts, we developed a custom app to draw in potential new hires by determining “how KCG” they were.

Three attendees speaking in an open space in front of colorful illustrated signs during the KCG annual "Uncon" client event.
KCG Uncon event wall hanging with words "Seeing blue," other text, and a film still picture of the actress Marlene Dietrich.
Standing profile view of male presenter with his hands aloft in a large room speaking at the 2014 KCG "Uncon" client event.

KCG had a vision for an annual client event that would be like nothing else in the industry. To help bring this vision to life, Thinkso created a unique name and identity for it, and each year gave it a new twist, with the theme centering on the city in which the event was held. Our work for UnConvention, or “UnCon,” as it came to be known, included website and app creation, environmental graphics, invitations, custom gifts, animation and video, and so much more, including naming each year's custom cocktails.

Wide view of computer workstations in KCG's offices. A mural of the torch of the Statue of Liberty is in the background.
KCG employees play ping pong in front of a blue wall emblazoned with the phrase "Game on" in giant letters.
Blurred legs in motion walk over a floor sticker in the KCG cafeteria printed with the words "Eat, drink, trade, repeat."
A wall sculpture in the KCG office made of hundreds of colored wooden dowels depicting a hashtag and typographic symbols.
Two KCG employees stand in front of a multi-colored wave pattern mural that depicts one second of market trading activity.

Thinkso designed branded environments that showcase the firm's unique design scheme and editorial voice. We provided a thread of continuity from office to office and reinforced the culture of the brand among employees. We included everything from fun turns of phrase, to 30-foot-high murals made of Ping-Pong balls, to a data visualization exhibit illustrating the thousands of events that take place within a single second of market activity.