Making history relevant to the next generation

The country’s oldest law firm needed a recruiting program worthy of its remarkable past and current stature. Thinkso developed “Make history,” a call-to-action campaign targeting law students at top-tier schools, and comprising a microsite, a video, print materials and display banners. Our research identified the topics that candidates were most curious about, and these became the basis for the site’s content. Since students were most interested in the daily schedule of law firm partners and associates, we designed and produced a day-in-the-life slide show narrated by the four Cadwalader attorneys we profiled.

Close up of the text, Make history and the Cadwalader logo type embossed in silver on a textured book cover.
“Cadwalader’s rich, stable, history of innovation became a particular asset during a down-market. The campaign framed the conversation by inviting recruits to join a long tradition of legal groundbreakers.” Brett Traylor, Senior Partner, Thinkso
A portrait of Alexander Hamilton superimposed on a map of early New York on the Cadwalader website.

Knowing that law students rely heavily on the web in their search for employment, Thinkso created meaningful content for Cadwalader’s recruiting microsite. Our research showed that students want to learn about daily firm life, so we created an interactive piece that profiles four Cadwalader attorneys. Through slideshows and voiceovers, the attorneys share details about their client interactions in a typical business day and offer rare glimpses into their personal lives. To engage the students further, we added a series of games that prompts students to test their legal knowledge and learn more about the firm’s history.

We developed a select set of collateral including a recruiting brochure, pull-up banner, advertising and interview tips card that reinforced the campaign theme and highlighted unique moments in the firm’s history.

Our research showed that law students wanted personal interactions with firm partners, but the busy lives of law firm leadership prevented an ongoing dialogue. To create a feeling of personal connection without the bandwidth issue, we developed a series of mailers that featured advice from various firm partners. The outside featured a quote, while the inside was a letter of advice—“what I wish I had known when I was in your position”—as well as the partner’s photo and signature.

We designed an elegant “offer kit” that celebrated Cadwalader’s offer letter to summer associates and housed a variety of other collateral.