A campaign to bring equality to Central Park

Homepage design layout of Monumental Women website

We kept text to a minimum and focused it on the most important messages—identifying the problem, proposing the solution, calling the visitor to take action. The main image, a grid comprising the statues in Central Park (23 male, 0 female), powerfully illustrates the disparity at the heart of the Statue Fund’s mission.

Design of donation page on the Monumental Women website.

A dedicated donation page with an uncomplicated form-fill for payment information makes contributing seamless. A series of suggested donation amounts at a variety of levels are more than just random figures—the numbers represent significant moments in the suffragette movement or Central Park’s history, reminding the user of the symbolic nature of their contribution.

Collage of various social media posts on instagram for Monumental Women

Knowing that the social sphere would play an integral role in achieving the Statue Fund’s goals, Thinkso designed a comprehensive social media strategy for the Fund to implement. We also produced assets in complementary styles to ensure the campaign had “legs” but also felt consistent and had high impact.

Bright yellow buttons with the text Bring Monumental Women to Central Park
A hand holds a yellow Monumental Womand postcard aloft with Central Park out of focus in the background.

Brightly colored, attention-grabbing pins were inexpensive to produce and encapsulated the Statue Fund’s mission at a glance. Affixed to virtually any item of clothing or material, the pins stand out and include the web address, as well as the branded hashtag.

ImageThe Monumental Women Fundraising Guide paper design.

The Fund had a number of passionate high school students waiting to pitch in on the campaign. We developed a fundraising guide to help mobilize these and other grassroots efforts. The guide included ideas for event formats and social media posts as well as all the details needed to start, run, and donate the proceeds from the fundraiser.