Branding that’s greener than a colt in springtime

Front view of a Rodeo Plastics 20 contractor bag package on a shelf in a big-box retail store.
Front and side view of a Rodeo Plastics 20 contractor bag package imprinted with the phrase "Lean, mean, and super green."
A stack of Rodeo Plastics 20 contractor bag packages imprinted with the phrase "American born and raised."

Packaging features a combination of Rodeo’s signature fluorescent green and black colorway—contrasting nicely from an overuse of yellow and orange by competitors. Safety striping helps communicate an industrial-grade quality and strength, while further underscoring Rodeo’s commitment to sustainability.

Close up of emroidery on a Rodeo Plastics tee shirt with a outline of the State of Texas and the phrase "Made in Mesquite."

To avoid the appearance that Rodeo was jumping on the “MADE IN AMERICA” bandwagon with many of their competitors, Thinkso suggested a more genuine approach. The company is headquartered in Mesquite, Texas—home of the famous Mesquite Rodeo and a place known for the pride it takes in its local community. By indicating that their products are “Made in Mesquite,” we emphasize the hometown heroes and “Made in America” aspect in a distinct, true-to-brand way.

A worker in a company branded hat bends over to operate machinery in the Rodeo Plastics factory.
The Rodeo Plastics logotype and the tagline "Made in Mesquite" imprinted on a sheet of green plastic.

Plastic bags and sheeting begin life as resin, in pellet form. The resin is melted and blown into vertical tubes several stories tall, before cutting it down into bags or put on rolls. Thinkso worked with Rodeo to formulate a shade of green plastic to approximate their signature color. An otherwise generic product could now be printed with their new logotypes to create a more ownable, branded consumer product.

The Rodeo Plastics Wed homepage with the company logo and headline "Tough as nails, green as grass."

Thinkso organized, wrote, designed, and built the new Rodeo website. Headlines inspired by Texan-style idioms provide moments of wit and personality while most of the site is geared to serve its core purpose of communicating product specs.

A worker in a Rodeo Plastics tee shirt attaching a hose to a railroad freight car tanker.
A worker in a Rodeo Plastics cap reaches out to flip a switch on machinery in the company's Mesquite Texas factory.
A worker in a Rodeo Plastics tee shirt and cap operates machinery in the company's Mesquite Texas factory.
Three workers inspect products on tables in front of a wall painted with a large Rodeo Plastics logo.

Thinkso spent a day at Rodeo’s plant with acclaimed Texan photographer, Tom Hussey, creating a library of custom photography for Rodeo’s new brand identity. We featured the faces of their hardworking people doing their jobs in a genuine, unvarnished way—underscoring Rodeo’s no-nonsense, hands-on, image.

Pages of a Rodeo Plastics brochure with the title 'Tough as nails, green as grass" and product information.

A simple one-sheet overview brochure communicates the brand’s core values and offerings, easily mailed or handed out at events.

Eight illustrated icons drawn with green lines depicting the different types of Rodeo Plastics products.

We created a set of ultra-simplistic icons that evoke industrial safety graphics to help distinguish product lines.