A bold new message for a global market innovator

After a successful IPO, Tradeweb reengaged Thinkso to create advertising that would continue to bolster its brand and promote key product offerings. We developed a series of playful ads that explored the theme of making connections — a core message for one of the world’s largest and most active securities trading networks. The bulk of the integrated campaign focused on digital media and ran across the U.S. and in select international markets. The campaign culminated in a dramatic 30-second television commercial that celebrated Tradeweb’s pioneering role as an electronic trading innovator.

Overhead TV screens displaying an abstract video still frame with the words "They said it will never work."
“Entering a new phase as a publicly-traded company, we wanted an ad campaign that really captured the value, energy and attitude that makes Tradeweb special. Thinkso came up with a creative way to do just that.” Michael H. Cohen, Managing Director Global Marketing & Communications, Tradeweb
Overhead TV screens displaying a video still frame with the words “Now it does,” with a blurry figure in the foreground

The visually striking and boldly scripted television commercial targeted traders and other working market professionals on CNBC and similar financial news outlets in Europe.

Colorful dots and lines from Tradeweb’s new brand playbook animate to reveal unexpected images that illustrate key brand and product value propositions.

Web page excerpt with the headline "Deep and diverse liquidity," a diving bell illustration and electronic trading diagram.

Audiences that engage with the digital ads are taken to dedicated campaign landing pages that extend the visual experience and provide more detailed product information.

Animated LinkedIn ad with illustrations and text outlining Tradeweb's asset-class trading capabilities.

Social media placements connect the audience to key brand messages.

Illustrated full page magazine ad with the headline, "Workflow that works (and thinks) harder," and additional text.

Avoiding the typical tech-centered trade magazine imagery of Tradeweb’s competitors, full page print ads delivered the campaign’s visual and editorial themes to a broader industry audience.