A long-term partnership fosters award-winning work.

Located in New York City, the Mount Sinai Medical Center serves one of the most diverse patient populations in the world, boasting multiple nationally ranked specialties. Comprising the Icahn School of Medicine, multiple hospitals and clinical care facilities, as well as state of the art research centers, it is internationally acclaimed and admired. Over several years, Thinkso has worked hand-in-hand with the dedicated doctors, educators, and scientists there — creating award-winning reports for the Departments of Medicine and Orthopaedics, a recruiting campaign for their Biobank, and video production for the School of Medicine. It has been our privilege to help raise the profile of such a distinguished medical institution.

A table full of Mount Sinai Medical Center brochures. with images of doctors and titles like, the people behind the medicine.
“The creative license that Dr. Paul Klotman allowed us yielded award-winning work for the Department of Medicine and ultimately reunited us when he made a move to Baylor as CEO a few years later.” Brett Traylor, Senior Partner, Thinkso
An Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai screen presentation on a digital monitor with the title, A creative, collaborative approach to research.

We created a waiting room screen show for Icahn School of Medicine applicants that’s not only informative, but helps give structure to a long day of interviews, lectures and other information sessions.

Hands holding open a Mount Sinai School of Medicine yearbook with an image of lab coat spread across the front and back cover.
Interior pages of the Mount Sinai Department of Medicine's 2007 annual report, with the headline, One of the biggest turnarounds in medical history and financial charts.
Pages from the Mount Sinai Department of Medicine 2007 Annual Report for the division of infectious diseases showing a lab researcher at work.
 A brochure on a cluttered desktop with an image of a lab worker amid vials and other lab equipment.
Pages from the Mount Sinai Department of Medicine 2008 Annual Report showing large numerical statistics.
A daylight cityscape of Midtown Manhattan with the text, New York Magazine's best doctors 2007 listed 35 Mount Sinai Department of Medicine faculty members.
A wide black and white photo of 14 faculty members in lab coats spread across two pages of the 2009 Mount Sinai Department of Medicine Annual Report.
Pages from the Mount Sinai Department of Medicine 2009 annual report with a group of doctors and students on a stairway and a letter from the chair of the department.
Pages from the Mount Sinai Department of Medicine 2009 Annual Report with a picture of Dr. David Stern and text of an interview with him.

To promote what The New York Sun called “one of the biggest turnarounds in medical history,” The Department of Medicine enlisted Thinkso to design its 2007 annual report. Over a five-year period, Mount Sinai had risen from fiscal distress to regain its position of national leadership—and needed the ranking medical community to know. The book received compliments from some of the country’s most prestigious figures in medicine and was selected as one of the 100 best annual reports in the nation by the Black Book AR100 awards.

The 2008 book highlighted the department’s rise to national top-ten status. Such big news had to take a prominent place—so we put it front and center on the cover. Other impressive numbers were touted throughout the book, providing both an editorial and graphic theme.

In 2009, we chose to highlight the stories and accomplishments of an array of medical professionals within the department. The report was photographed by acclaimed portrait photographer Richard Corman, and the fold-out cover was composed digitally from 14 separate portraits shot over three days.

An large advertisement for the Mount Sinai Biobank on a bus shelter.
An Institute for Personalized Medicine poster with the text, Because a healthy New York CIty is a good thing for all of us.
An Institute for Personalized Medicine poster with the text, Because a breakthrough could depend on my personal contribution.
An Institute for Personalized Medicine poster with the text, Because sharing my family history will improve my child's future.
Detail from an Institute for Personalized Medicine poster with the headline, Your history is our future and more text about the program.

After introducing a new visual identity for the Charles R. Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine, we turned our attention toward the launch of their signature program, Biobank, a monumental project that catalogs the biological information of thousands of individuals in order to develop personalized medical treatments. The bilingual poster campaign highlighted the reasons you’ll want “to be part of Biobank,” and recruited thousands of genetic donors across the Harlem campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Mount Sinai Seaver Autism Center for Research logo.

The Seaver Autism Center provides comprehensive assessment and care for children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder. We created a playful visual identity that underscores the joy of childhood.

The title text one plus one die cut to reveal a photograph below on the cover of the Tisch Cancer Institute 2011 annual report.
Pages from the Tisch Cancer Institute's 2011 Annual Report showing doctors in lab coat meet informally in a hospital office.
Pages from the Tisch Cancer Institute's 2011 Annual Report with an exterior picture of the offices and large numerical statistics about its programs.

Thinkso designed and created the editorial concept for the Tisch Cancer Institute’s first- ever annual report in 2011. 1 + 1 highlights the unique partnerships and collaboration between doctors, scientists, and staff at Tisch as they continue to compete among the country’s elite cancer centers.

Detail from the cover the the Mount Sinai Orthopaedics Annual Report with the text, Strength is our strength: one hundred years of orthopaedics at Mount Sinai.
Pages from the Mount Sinai Orthopaedics Annual Report with the headline, Turning risk into reward and images of doctor at work and x-ray films.
Page from the Mount Sinai Orthopaedics Annual Report showing two doctors in an operation room and the text, Patients appreciate our interdisciplinary approach to surgery and treatment.

With the arrival of a new department chairman in the Department of Orthopaedics, Mount Sinai launched a series of initiatives to raise its profile and take on some of the bigger players, specifically those in New York City. At the center of this effort was a printed report, designed and written by Thinkso, that celebrated the 100-year history of the department and introduced the theme “Strength is our strength.”