A rallying cry for research at Stanford University

The Stanford University "Do research" Web home page, with information on scholarship, administration, funding, and training.

The site design incorporates the latest in Drupal web technology and best practices. The treatment of the expandable RSS feed menu and the footer’s clever compartmentalization of more than 50 related offices and systems exemplify this dual focus.

Stanford University "Do research" web page with a photo of the computer tape silo at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Although the site is primarily utilitarian, we added an element of surprise and discovery by leveraging the large cache of research stories and imagery available. Users who click on the little, intriguing camera icon are treated to a peek behind the scenes.

The research policy web page on the The Stanford University "Do research" portal.

The backbone of the site is a rigorous content strategy that organizes thousands of pages of content—and makes everything accessible with just a few logical clicks.