A really big deal in travel

An open-top tourist bus on a city street with a giant Travelzoo logo painted on the side.
Travelzoo New York CIty subway advertising posters with catchy slogans, including "Car rentals for less than cab fare."
A mural-sized advertisement on a curved tile New York CIty subway wall that reads "What's the deal with Travelzoo?"
Close up of a to-go coffee cup with a cozy printed with the text "What's the deal with Travelzoo?"

Advertising messages were grouped around Travelzoo’s principal offerings (shows, flights, cruises, car rentals, etc.), all of which were written to answer the question “What’s the deal with Travelzoo?”

A Travelzoo digital ad with the headline, "Don't you love a good deal? How about 20?"
A Travelzoo digital ad with the headline, "Need and excuse to get away? We'll give you 20."

Thinkso designed banner ads that displayed a portion of the Top 20® deals as a way to entice would-be subscribers.

A Travelzoo trade magazine ad with the text, "We can introduce you to 11 million active travelers in one day."
Examples of Travelzoo direct mailers, featuring the logo and tagline, "What's the deal with Travelzoo?"

Trade advertising and marketing collateral used the campaign theme to frame Travelzoo’s sales pitch. Impressive facts and stats were used to substantiate its claims.

A large, silver letter Z shaped trophy with the Travelzoo logo and a stack of award medallions.
A wing-shaped medal and a card commemorating the winners of Travelzoo's annual "T zoos" travel awards.

Thinkso named the awards show after the company’s stock ticker symbol, TZOO. The custom-designed Z-shaped trophy and destination posters were pillars of the event identity, which was designed as a premium extension of the Travelzoo brand.

An invitation to the 2007 Travelzoo awards in Las Vegas.

For the Las Vegas event, Thinkso used an engraved poker chip, presented in a clamshell coin box, as the invitation.

A person plays an oversized, Travelzoo-branded interactive virtual slot machine at the Travelzoo awards in Las Vegas.
A figure walks in front of a large Travelzoo digital ad projected on a tile wall at Grand Central Station in New York City.

We designed large-scale interactive ads that engaged audiences traveling through Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and Grand Central Station in New York City. The oversized projections displayed real-time travel deals and passers-by interacted with the ads using their shadows.