Bringing big ideas to the developing world

Population Council web homepage with the image of a women in traditional garments with her infant in a desert setting.

Along with the introduction of a new logotype, color and typographic palettes were expanded. The Population Council homepage is welcoming, informative and highly impactful. The Council’s research is easily accessible and a streamlined navigation puts everything within reach.

Population Council research topics web page.
Population Council Burkina Faso country research web page, with an image three young, dark-skinned girls in colorful dress.

A powerful search engine was high priority for accessing Population Council’s deep reservoir of research. Users across the globe are able to modify their searches based on location, topic, language, year, and media type. Country pages give a rich insight into the progress, challenges and resources associated with that location.

Pages from the Population Council website displayed on a digital tablet and smartphone.

The site is responsively designed for use on a range of devices. Additionally, because of slow connections, particularly in countries further removed from technology, image loads and other functionality were monitored and optimized to ensure the best possible performance.