Blazing a trail right out of Financial Land

Stadion brochure cover with a signpost illustration and title, "Your path to retirement."
Stadion Select brochure cover with a school of fish illustration and the title, "Anchoring your portfolio."
Stadion Retirement brochure cover with an apples and oranges illustration and the tite, "Target date funds.
Stadion Retirement brochure cover with a beanstalk in the sky illustration and the title, "a new way to grow."
Stadion brochure cover with a maze illustration and the title, "smart investing made easy."
Stadion Funds brochure cover with a grid of light bulbs illustration and the title, "A bright idea in mutual funds."

Thinkso established a simple illustration style for the system, and then produced all of the art in-house. The unexpected imagery helps Stadion shine in a cluttered marketplace.

The Stadion web homepage with the heading, "Our goal is simple: Help investors protect and grow their serious money."

Launched by Thinkso in 2016, Stadion's new site features carefully planned architecture designed to guide many disparate audience groups to the information that's right for them. The homepage tells their investment approach and brand story in simple terms any investor could understand. From the homepage, visitors can choose to go to parts of the site written specifically for “individuals and employers” or “financial professionals."

The Stadion Retirement web homepage with the heading, "A smoother path to retirement."
A page from the Stadion Funds website with information about the Stadion Tactical Growth Fund.

The site also includes several “knowledge centers” with white papers and motion graphics videos. To comply with FINRA regulations, the mutual fund section of the site appears on a separate URL.

Stadion-branded promotional T shirt and water bottle.

To celebrate the Stadion mutual funds and their remarkable three-year performance, Thinkso designed a promotional campaign that leveraged the brand’s race theme.

Stadion-branded coffee cups with brand illustrations and the tagline, "Start smart, finish strong."

The new branding was applied to all client touchpoints, including coffee cups for everyday use at Stadion’s headquarters as well as for client gifts.

Fact sheets for the Stadion Tactical Growth Fund and Trilogy Alternative Return Fund.
Pages from the Stadion Funds ETF product guide with information on investment process and performance.

Mutual fund product sheets are valuable tools for wholesalers and financial advisors and, by extension, investors who meet with them. We redesigned and rewrote each of Stadion’s fund sheets to clearly articulate the structure, investing strategy, goals, and performance of each.