Setting the standard for a global airline

Grid of pages from United Airlines brand standards book, titled "United Brand Basics."

Thinkso completely rewrote and redesigned the airline’s brand standards program, organizing more than 150 pages of content and brand specifications into five categories—and making it all available online at, which we designed, wrote, and programmed.

Wing and tail artwork on a taxiing United Airlines aircraft.
United Airlines aircraft in flight, just after taking off.
Cover of the "Aircraft Livery" section of the Aircraft and Equipment volume of United Airlines brand standards.

Having had previous experience working with United’s brand identity, including the design of the aircraft paint scheme, Thinkso designers were uniquely prepared to handle new design initiatives such as the addition of “winglets” to United’s Boeing 757 fleet. Design specifications then became part of the Aircraft & Equipment volume of brand standards.

Illustrated covers of the United Airlines Sub-brands and Products brand manuals.

Sub-brands & Products provides specifications for the airline’s brand architecture—including its classes of service: United First, United Business, and United Economy. We applied the principles outlined therein to a simple, but elegant, redesign of United’s international menu program.

United Airlines Red Carpet Club signage in a glass partition.

Working within United’s Facilities & Signage volume of brand standards, Thinkso designed lounge signage for a remodel of the facility at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. We also named and branded their newest lounge product, United Global Reception, that catered to the airline’s most premium customers.