A fetching new identify for a Colorado dog rescue

When All Breed Rescue & Training was established in 1994, the organization had two main goals. First and foremost, it rescued dogs that were at risk for euthanasia, leveraging its network of over 50 dedicated foster homes to rehabilitate and, later, re-home dogs that otherwise would not get a chance. Additionally, it trained and educated members of its Colorado Springs community on better dog care, so that adopters could develop deeper bonds with the dogs they loved. While All Breed had a reputation for excellent work and a track record of successful adoptions, its leadership was determined to increase its funding and rescue even more dogs. After becoming Thinkso’s 2014 Give a Brand! Winner, All Breed received a new brand identity and marketing materials that would let it do just that.

With the help of our sponsors, Thinkso completed All Breed’s rebrand in one day. Here’s a look at the highlights.

The All Breed Rescue and Training logo and red symbol, a silhoutte of a dog's body made partially from the shape of a house.

All Breed’s new symbol, “House Dog,” reflects the organization's belief that with love and support, any dog can be a "nice" dog—one that can be rehabilitated, trained, and prepared for placement in a happy home.

A set of colorful All Breed Rescue and Training brand icons: a ball, a heart, a dog poo, a bone, and a fire hydrant.

As part of the identity system, we developed a set of playful, multicolor icons (including poo!) to help illustrate the organization’s unique process and approach.

A close up a a brown and white dog's coat of fur.
A collage pattern of colorful dog silhouettes featuring a variety of sizes and breeds.

We created patterns and backgrounds to add depth to the system: the "All Breed" pattern of dogs and a selection of custom-photographed fur swatches.

All Breed Rescue and Training web homepage, with the headline, "We train dogs for life," and descriptions of their services.

The website combines a simple, effective content strategy with the new, fun, and friendly look. Central to the site architecture is the simplified process (the “four Rs”) and the ability to view the profiles of dogs available for adoption.

A poster for the All Breed Rescue and Training "A romp in the park" event with a boy and his dog wrestling in the grass.
A small beige dog with a blue collar stretching upward on its hind legs.

We designed flyer templates that can be used to create both digital images for emailing and posting online, as well as traditional printed flyers for getting word out around town about fundraising events.

Photographer Joe Mikos created an image library using dogs belonging to Thinkso’s staff, friends, and partners.

A red tennis ball imprinted with the All Breed Rescue and Training brand logo.
An All Breed Rescue and Training branded T shirt with the dog poo symbol icon and the text, "We have a class for that."

Finally, we designed a selection of giveaways to get the All Breed name and identity out in a fun and dog-friendly way.