Helping a new product out of the starting blocks

Nathan Sports Pursuit armband fitness monitor packaging with the text "Run, connect, compete."
Nathan Sports Pursuit app point-of-sale promotional display.

In-store point-of-sale displays provided capacity for 12 units and a video demo of the product on HD screens.

Collage of runners competing in road races.
Nathan Sports Pursuit app watch-shaped graphics, with the headline "Broadcast your run live and race virtually."

The features of the app were presented as part of road motif, highlighting the user’s journey, while collages of user-generated photography echoed the personal and social nature of the product. These elements were used across all launch applications.

Screenshot of Nathan Sports Pursuit app interface showing a list of race times for multiple runners.

Thinkso developed a Pursuit-branded “brag board” interface to tie the product to its main selling point—the real-time sharing of results and ability to compete with one or many people at the same time.