Modernizing the voice of a traditional private bank

When J.P. Morgan Private Bank decided to revamp its public website in 2018 to make a play for the high net worth audience and reach the next generation of clients, it selected web design behemoth Code + Theory as its partner. But when it came to developing compelling, SEO-optimized editorial for it, the finance leader turned to Thinkso. Our in-house editorial team established a new, more accessible editorial voice (which the bank adopted for all of its marketing communications), advised on navigation nomenclature, and wrote all of the evergreen copy for the site. And it paid off — the website exceeded the bank’s expectations for lead generation within the first three months of launch.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank homepage: "Good morning—What impact do you want to make? At the Private Bank, we can help you plan, invest, borrow and bank with intent—to create the life and legacy you envision."

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J.P. Morgan Private Bank Services web page with headline "Bring intention to your financial life" and investing infographic.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank needed to make a shift in its voice to reach the next generation as well as the high net worth market it was expanding into. We developed a fresh voice designed to better connect with these audiences by taking a more familiar tone and avoiding cliches and financial jargon.

The voice we helped develop drew upon the style and tone of the bankers themselves. The resulting copy was not only clearer and more accessible, but it also gave potential clients a sense of what it's like to work with the private bank.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank About  Us web page with headline "The bank for achievers."

Moving away from the ubiquitous history-experience-expertise boilerplate that typifies financial services “About us” pages, we communicated the dynamism and personality of a firm that helps its clients reach tangible goals and inspires them to think about what their wealth really means.

About Us page quote: "What is private banking? It’s a question we get a lot. We think the answer is simple: it’s an enduring relationship. With people who understand you, your life, as well as your finances, and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals."

Market research found that many potential clients had no idea what differentiates private banking from other wealth management or retail banking services. Here, and throughout the website copy, we helped define it and recast it for a younger, less formal audience.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank Lending web page with introduction about the service and its benefit to client financial goals.
J.P. Morgan Private Bank Lending web page section listing specialty lending services, including fine art and aircraft financing.

The Private Bank offers many sophisticated products and services for its high and ultra-high net worth clients. The new site structure makes them easy to find, and our new copy explains them succinctly and clearly in plain language, highlighting the client benefits and J.P. Morgan’s differentiators.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank case study web page: "A business owner protects her wealth and creates an exit strategy—on her terms."

We created new case studies to not only highlight product and service successes, but also give the reader real chances to see themselves having similar experiences.