A replenished ecommerce brand that toasts to more

Wine glass icon animates into the WineDirect logotype.

A single line connects the two letters in the middle of the name to create the wine glass symbol. The ease and simplicity of this treatment mirrors WineDirect’s streamlined process which connects wineries directly to consumers.

WineDirect website featuring new tagline, "The Winery's Champion," and DTC Advisor wizard for selling wine directly to consumers.

Thinkso architected, designed, and wrote a website for WineDirect that embodies its new client-first positioning and immediately engage wineries. It features the “DTC Advisor,” a wizard that diagnoses what a winery needs to effectively sell directly to consumers given where they are in the winery’s development.

Wine Direct magazine ad with a hand holding a smartphone that appears to be pouring wine.

Thinkso designed ads that visually link WineDirect’s expertise in both technology and wine sales while making a simple statement about its end-to-end solutions.

"Meet the new Wine Direct" mailer with an image of two wine merchants looking at laptop computer together.
Two examples of Wine Direct's printed thought leadership materials.

To introduce the new branding and messaging, Thinkso created a tri-fold mailer that highlighted new and old points of WineDirect’s value proposition, while articulating the company’s commitment to its clients’ success.

By establishing clear brand guidelines and a finite, disciplined set of templates, Thinkso strengthened and streamlined WineDirect’s thought leadership production.

Cover to Wine Direct Trend Report
Interior spread from Wine Direct Trend Report showing infographics and a woman using a smart phone
Interior spread of Wine Direct Trend Report showing a bar chart
Interior spread from Wine Direct Trend Report showing a woman drinking wine in front of a laptop

We designed a DTC trend report that gave WineDirect an effective way of packaging and distributing their data as a value-add for their winery clients.

Wine Direct tee shirt illustrated with a bunch of grapes connected by dots and lines that represent e-commerce.

Thinkso appropriated the connected wineglass design in WineDirect’s new logotype to create other wine-related graphic expressions.

Wine Direct branded on-the-go wine class and drink coasters.
Customized packing tape decorated with the Wine Direct logo and brand illustrations.

We designed WineDirect’s new illustrations to complement every touchpoint of the direct-to-consumer experience, from the website and business cards to giveaways and packaging products.

The Wine Direct logotype on the side of the company's headquarters building in Napa Valley, California.

Updated signage affixed to WineDirect’s Napa headquarters announced that there was a new WineDirect in town.