Writing a new story in retirement plan branding

Stadion Money Management was redefining its retirement plan offer with a groundbreaking product that gives DC plan investors an unprecedented level of flexibility and customization, and financial advisors a unique way to scale their businesses. Thinkso handled every aspect of the branding — from naming and messaging, to advertising and sales collateral, to an advisor playbook and participant enrollment materials. We also designed the product’s online questionnaire and account dashboard, a web interface that allows investors to scale their contributions and see how they compare to others. The bold, conceptual brand breaks through the clutter of “Financialand” and conveys the fresh, personal connection the fintech platform aims to impart.

“Thinkso helped us seamlessly integrate StoryLine into our product offering. It’s consistent with Stadion’s identity and voice but still allows room to emphasize the idea of personal choice and plan customization.” Steve Beard, VP of Marketing, Stadion Money Management.

Stadion’s groundbreaking retirement product needed a website that guided new participants through a multistep customization process without losing them. Thinkso designed a site that gets users through the core product questionnaire quickly, and keeps them engaged with an easy- and fun-to-use interactive retirement savings dashboard.

We developed visually rich sales decks for wholesalers and advisors to clearly explain the platform’s innovative approach and its benefits for both plan sponsors and participants.

Print and digital ad campaigns use unexpected imagery and solid, bold colors to stand out in trade publications. Messaging shifts to focus on what each audience cares most about. For plan sponsors, that is the opportunity to give their employees a plan that can adjust to their individual needs. For advisors, it is the ability to scale their business while still offering something that feels personalized.

We wrote and designed printed brochures (top) which advisors could use in sales calls with plan sponsors and with participants at enrollment meetings. Likewise, we created multipurpose animated videos (bottom) that told the StoryLine brand story in a simple, engaging way.

To help ensure a successful enrollment and sales process, Thinkso wrote and designed a playbook for financial advisors that contains everything they need to know, do, and say. We knew that most advisors made the mistake of “starting in the middle”—not giving potential participants enough context to understand the product. So we wrote and designed a succinct script and high-impact, minimal-text slides. The result is an enrollment meeting that leaves investors clear on the value of StoryLine and what they need to do next, without the advisor breaking a sweat.

Simple but engaging enrollment meeting materials create a strong brand impression and clear understanding among potential participants, resulting in higher enrollment rates.