What we’ve been working on and thinking about.

More than a passing fad

3 ways trend forecasting can benefit your brand—and resources to get you started.

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A mix of icons representing social media, politics, the environment, and gender.

Brand basics: Be consistent and consistently good

Photo of a group of consistent looking, B-shaped cookies with spatula.

Election design 2020: Shaking up the visual status quo

This time around, campaign identities are challenging politics-as-usual.

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A sampling of current campaign designs, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rise up, Show up, Unite, and Pete Buttigieg.

Designer’s journal: Unexpected lessons

How children’s picture books can improve our corporate design

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Illustration of hand drawing on design pad, surrounded by colorful dots and picture book characters of a king, owl, and octopus.

Your brand is your most essential tool in a crisis.

When things get tough, rely on the strength of your brand.

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A diagram for using an airline life jacket, with the words, brand, standards, and values in place of the usual instructions.