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What marketing writers can learn from stand-up comedy

Performance Art or Pedagogy? While stand-up comedy is meant to be funny, it has serious educational value for the burgeoning copywriter.

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A microphone with a black wire attached to a lightbulb.

by Nicole Fortuna

Unpacking the core competencies of project management

No matter what task or client request comes their way, project managers constantly hone these 3 skills.

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An illustration showing  project manager at the center of activities related to their work

by Amie Ruhé

Pencil sketches: a creative power tool

Sketching by hand can add efficiency and creativity to your ideation process. But don’t just take our word for it—read about the science-backed benefits of sketching.

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An initial sketch and final illustration of a waiter opening a bottle of wine through the screen of an iPad.

Brett Talks Design with MFA Students at the School of Visual Arts

When Thinksorts aren’t creating, they connect with future creatives.

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Announcement graphic for Brett Traylor lecture at 2:30pm on January 19

Keeping up with the evolution in SEO

SEO best practices are evolving. Search engines are rewarding sites with the best content and UX, not the most—or most perfectly placed—keywords.

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Illustration showing a person inspecting various SEO elements which contribute to a properly optimized website.