What we’ve been working on and thinking about.

Your brand is your most essential tool in a crisis.

When things get tough, rely on the strength of your brand.

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A diagram for using an airline life jacket, with the words, brand, standards, and values in place of the usual instructions.

Humanity: The most valuable ingredient in your B2B brand

As values shift, there’s no better time to embrace authenticity.

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A man looks into the camera and smiles on a lawyer biography page on the Bernstein Shur website.

Surprise! Make it a part of your brand toolkit

Tap the power of the unexpected to deepen connections.

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A close up of colorful confetti.

Instinet’s 50th anniversary graphic novel wins silver Stevie

The cover and various illustrated pages for the Instinet Fintech a Fifty anniversary graphic novel.

Now is the time to be productive

6 marketing initiatives to focus on during the pandemic

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An illustration of masked woman on a couch with three arms using a laptop, phone, and tablet all at once.