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Oportun Financial

As Progreso Financiero approached its IPO, the high-growth lender that serves the credit needs of the Hispanic market selected Thinkso to rename and rebrand it. To help the company extend its reach beyond the Hispanic community, we introduced the name “Oportun,” a variation on the Spanish word “oportunidad” and the English word “opportune.” The name is easy to pronounce in both languages and reinforces the company’s commitment to helping its customers find and take advantage of financial opportunity.The visual identity preserves the brand’s bright green color, formalizes the color and typographic palettes, and features the “opportunity mark”—a symbol that represents the power and potential of financial opportunity.

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Brett is back at BYU

Brigham Young University is celebrating half a century of fine arts, photography, design, and illustration by honoring select alumni in an exhibition entitled Every Polished Grace. Thinkso partner Brett Traylor contributed the photo above of a Boeing 777 in the paint scheme he designed for United Airlines in 2003, while at Pentagram.


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Onward for On-Ramps

On-Ramps is a leading executive search firm in the social sector. Thinkso designed the firm’s original identity and website back in 2007, and was brought in to refresh the site. To highlight the firm’s value proposition for both employers and recruits, we highlighted how On-Ramps was different from other recruiting firms and enticed candidates to go through the lengthy application process online.

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Our 6 favorite InDesign tricks for increased efficiency

It’s easy to forget how many useful shortcuts are available in InDesign. Here are some that our designers use in their work that really improve productivity. (Note: All key commands mentioned below are for InDesign on the Mac. If you’re designing on the PC, use the Control key instead of the Command key and the Alt key instead of the Option key.)

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by Michelle Kurz

What would you do with 100 square inches?

Thinkso has its very own micro-exhibit, a single display fixture that beckons to be filled. Follow our Tumblr to find out what happens as we call upon our staff, clients, and friends to express themselves freely.

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