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Finding courage in literature: Thinkso’s holiday reading list

Inspired by Max Courage—winner of Give a Brand! 2015—we asked our Thinksorts to recommend stories of courage that spoke to them. From the submissions, we collectively curated a well-rounded list, aiming for variety in both genre and perspective. Happy reading!

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Advantage: you.

KCG’s 2015 advertising campaign launched in March. Thinkso conceptualized, wrote, designed, and produced it. The tagline, “Advantage: you.” positions the global trading powerhouse as its clients’ advocate. The campaign is running in trade publications globally (digital and print), and ran in key locations on the MetroNorth railroad.

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Thinkso featured in Graphic Design USA for responsible design

Good at SEO. Bad at marketing.

Some SEO practices will get you traffic, but could cost you business.

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Give a Brand! 2015: Max Courage