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Our 6 favorite InDesign tricks for increased efficiency

It’s easy to forget how many useful shortcuts are available in InDesign. Here are some that our designers use in their work that really improve productivity. (Note: All key commands mentioned below are for InDesign on the Mac. If you’re designing on the PC, use the Control key instead of the Command key and the Alt key instead of the Option key.)

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by Michelle Kurz

What would you do with 100 square inches?

Thinkso has its very own micro-exhibit, a single display fixture that beckons to be filled. Follow our Tumblr to find out what happens as we call upon our staff, clients, and friends to express themselves freely.

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To Asia, from BNY Mellon

When BNY Mellon tasked Thinkso with designing a premium gift for their Japanese deal clients, we chose one that would reflect the company’s history as the oldest bank in the US—a Fugio Cent, the country’s first national coin. We presented the coin replica in a bespoke frame with a map of early Wall Street—where the firm was established—as the background to contextualize the gift and the company.

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Ripco: The Mill

After Ripco Real Estate purchased a large shopping center in the Hamptons, they hired us to create a leasing package that would help the new space stand out and encourage top-tier retailers to move in. Because of the property’s layout and location, Thinkso recommended repositioning it as a destination shopping center, complete with a distinctive name, identity, microsite, and marketing collateral. As a nod to the town’s historical origins and in recognition of its central location, we named it “The Mill.” The visual identity features a hand-lettered logotype, a fresh, nautical color palette, and simple black-and-white photography with a wash of blue watercolor.

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Give a Brand! 2014: All Breed

For this year’s design sprint, Thinkso created a new identity, logo, and website, as well as marketing collateral for All Breed Rescue & Training, a Colorado-based dog rescue and rehabilitation organization. Check out the highlights!

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