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6 steps to cross-promote on social media like a pro

Ditching a beginner’s cross-posting strategy for a more sophisticated cross-promotional strategy.

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Colorful split screen illustration of man wearing a Hawaiian shirt on the left, and a suit on the right to help visualize concept of cross-promotion.

by Lauren Smith

Which nonprofit will win a free rebrand?

The race between our three Give a Brand! finalists has entered its final weeks. This year, each finalist is on a mission to improve public health, whether it be at home or abroad. 


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Thinkso brings women’s suffrage to Central Park

Thinkso makes headlines in Graphic Design USA.

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A hand holds a yellow Monumental Womand postcard aloft with Central Park out of focus in the background.

Engaging in an uncomfortable conversation

Thinkso sponsored Sarah Beaulieu’s interactive event aimed at normalizing conversations about sexual violence, held on January 16, 2018 at HBO in NYC.

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A great environment for brand building

KCG commissions Thinkso to create a corporate art project for their new headquarters that celebrates the firm’s culture, creativity, and distinct point of view.

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